Eatin on the sea

The other day for my friend’s birthday, we went on a cruise. That’s old news if you read the previous post. Here is the story of what happened…

There it is, the Navatek I ready for us rowdy adults.

It was a prix fixe menu, but i had no complaints about what was on it.


Notice the bottom, “full bar”. Add that to the fact that our friend has the hook-up with the bartender = fun night.

So I start with the taro roll and cocktail shrimp, kinda cliche for a cruise right?


You know what else is cliche? A girly mixed drink, and that’s exactly what I got.  Hey now, we had a free all you can drink setup, so I’m having fun…with a lava flow


Next came the salad, which featured a tasty asian sesame creamy dressing


Then they brought us the ultimate cliche entree, lobster. It came with butter and ponzu sauce, which combined taste great with some lobster. It was of decent size, but they were’nt as meaty as i had hoped.


Now it’s time to wander outside…


After a brief deck gathering, we went back for the main entree, the filet.


I was surprised they didn’t ask us how we wanted our steak, and it came almost well done! That’s an insult to the cow. Although because of the cut’s tenderness and the sauce, it was still good. I then tried to ease my disappointment with a Navatek nectar mixed drink (ugh, didn’t finish it) and a glass of “six grapes” Porto, one of my favorites.


Lastly we had the chocolate cake, which was good. I don’t like chocolate cakes; I prefer to eat only dark chocolate and plain as is.


Then we have dessert. Oops, I guess we already had cake. Oh well, it’s too late to call back that Kahlua and milk…


And to end the night, we toast champagne at sunset!


That concluded our night.  Well, not really, the night did go on but it’s not meant for blogs.  Let’s keep it at that :).   All in all, the food was good and we had a good time, and that’s what matters most (the bar helped too).


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