Weekend of good eatin

Last friday, I took a friend out to 12th Avenue Grill, a little gem down in Kaimuki. This place is notorious for great food and original ideas. Honolulu’s top chefs eat here when they eat out. I’ve eaten there before, but my friend had not, so I wanted to treat her to it.

There menu isn’t large because it is a 20 (or so)-table restaurant. However, last time I ordered the Beef Burgundy and it was heaven. I wanted to try something new, but I could not resist.

yes, read and salivate…

We have beef, that means we need wine.  That’s a perfectly logical conclusion. I’m not a big Merlot lover, but an interesting Washington wine looked good so I ordered a bottle (it was cheaper than by the glass…again logical 🙂 ).


Flying Fish 2006 Merlot from the Columbia Valley in Washington State. It’s very mild and fruity to me. They say it has a “deep garnet color with aromas of lush cherry and blueberry; a full rich palate with hints of mocha and vanilla, and a lingering finish”…..umm…..yeah. I’m still learning wine lingo. A portion of their proceeds goes towards The Ocean Conservancy. So we can drink and save the fish? sweet deal!

I ordered an arugula salad with local tomatoes, blue cheese, candied walnuts, and a berry vinaigrette. It was very good, not too overpowered by the dressing or by too much cheese.


Lastly came the main course. After stuffing our faces with fresh french bread and herbed focaccia, I was hesitant about finishing it. But this Beef Burgundy doesn’t deserve to be abused by the microwave so I had to finish it.


The perfectly cooked carrots, potatoes, and local hamakua mushrooms were drool-worthy in the beefy red wine-based sauce. I love a good soft carrot; roasting it this way makes it sweet.

So if you’re down in Kaimuki anytime soon, check it out. If you’re not from Hawaii, you now have a reason to go.

This past weekend, my family celebrated my grandfather’s 80th birthday. We did the usual family gathering thing… cook, eat, and talk. I am biased towards the middle topic.


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