Weekend vacation…

This past weekend, I drove to Seattle to spend a coupe of days there. I stayed with my friends and we just kicked back and enjoyed the weekend. On friday for lunch, I stopped by Slow Joe’s Backyard BBQ for a meal. It was good for a quick pick-up for lunch. The sauce was tangy and spicy as I like it.


3 pork ribs, a hot link, cornbread, and some spicy baked beans completed my meal. If ya ain’t eatin BBQ with your fingers, you’re doin it wrong!

Later, I went to Pike Place Market to gather some delicous fresh fruit. Got my “Oh My God” peaches from my usual stand and some candy striped pluots from another. Both were delicious and provided snacks for the long drive back. I also picked up some raw honey to spread on my bagels in the morning, yum.

On the way to my friends house, I stopped at the Wine Outlet in downtown Seattle. Let me just say this: if you live near or in Seattle and like to try new wines, go there.  No excuses. They have really good wines marked down a lot. They can do this because the owner negotiates lower prices from wholesalers that don’t sell enough wine for their quotas. I picked up five bottles:

  • Cono Sur, Syrah; Chile vintage 2005. We drank this for dinner and it was good. I don’t have the greatest luck with syrahs, but this is a winner.
  • Jonesy, aged Port; Australia. The woman there told me they have to keep buying this wine because it’s a hot seller. Aged Port from Australia? I know it’s odd but apparantly good.
  • ZweI.I, Zweigelt; Austria 2007. I sampled this one and it’s a smooth red wine great for dinner with just about any food pairing. It is a dry wine, which usually turns me off, but it was quite good.
  • Chateau d’Angles, Syrah Grenache; France 2004. This is a smooth red wine, a little smoother than the Zweigelt.
  • Porcupine Ridge, Merlot; South Africa 2007. Another good dinner wine, smoother than Zweigelt.

All five bottles I chose were great, or so I was told by the woman. She said that probably because I was buying them, but whatever. The prices are also outstanding. All five costed me about 55 with tax.

For dinner that night, my friends whipped up a batch of beef strganoff…yumm.  Tender chunks of beef soaked in creamy sauce and shell pasta boiled down to deliciousness. We also ate some Yorkshire puddings, mmm.

Saturday night we were in Snoqualmie and visited a BBQ joint dorned in Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia, yuck. The food was good. I had the General, a sandwich with pulled pork and brisket with a spicy sauce. I accompanied it with creamed corn. All in all, it was a good weekend for eating in Seattle.


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