Weekend in seattle…

This weekend, I journeyed to Seattle (ok, so 300 miles to me is a journey). I stayed with a friend and his family as well. On saturday morning, we cut down four gigantic cedar trees. It was my first experience as a wannabe lumberjack and it was cool.  One tree came within feet of crushing the house, so that kept us all on our toes.  My leg got a bit cut up from branches, but women dig scars right?

We then took a boat ride to seattle for the University of Hawaii and Washington State University football game.  seattle

But before the game, we had to get some food and liquid courage in us. We stopped into Pike Place Market to eat at the Athenian, a diner-style restaurant where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed (remember the talk about tiramisu?). I obviously had to sit in the same seat Tom Hanks did…



I had a Monte Cristo for lunch. For those who don’t know, it’s a sandwich with ham, turkey and swiss cheese on egg bread dipped in egg and grilled and topped with powdered sugar. They make a good one there.


It was a pitiful excuse of a game and I left at halftime with WSU down 35-6.  It was not worth the 4 and a half hour drive. We needed beer afterward.

The night was capped with delicious pasta made by my friend’s mom and I was out for the count. This morning I woke up for 5:00 fishing.  Again not worth it, seeing as we didn’t get a bite. Hundreds of boats on the Puget Sound caught and we didn’t. I stopped at a fruit stand on the way back to Pullman and bought the largest apple I’ve ever seen…


It was bigger than the picture shows, about two of my fists.  It held me over for the next 3 hours while driving.

Before I got back, I detoured over to Palouse Falls.



That’s all for this weekend. 🙂


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  1. That apple picture brings back so many memories. hahah. Yep, I am commenting on a very old post. I was admiring your foodies.

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