New hardware…

I’m excited.  Those of you who know me I get excited for only a few things in this world: barbeque, dark chocolate, wine, beer, and Denver Bronco football.  This time, it’s for barbecue.  Everyone who truly knows barbeque knows that grilling isn’t bbq.  Smoking low and slow is true bbq.  One can only accomplish that with a…

smoker!! I’ve been making do with my parents’ gas grill and throwing wood onto the burners.  No more half-assing it.  Now I’m ready to get down and smokey.  It’s a Masterbuilt propane smoker.  was just under $200 at Sears.  I like Masterbuilt products as they are built a lot stronger and better than cheaper versions.  The door is insulated to keep heat in better.

With a temp gauge on the door, i can keep an eye on the temp without opening (like I had to with the grill).

All in all, I’m very excited to start smoking.

*next up…Texas Smoked Brisket…*


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  1. The brisket was awesome!!

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