Bella Mia…

My cousin informed me of a small Brooklyn style Italian place in Kaimuki.  He said it was cheap, good, and the bread was incredibly soft.  Naturally, I had to check it out.  Nestled in the little building in the 12th ave parking lot was Bella Mia.  Red and white plaid tablecloths lined the tables.  Anecdotal signs and Italian paintings coated the walls.  It was small, but not too cramped.  Best of all, it was filled, which means it’s good.

There it was, the bread he spoke so highly of, just placed on our table.  It was served with marinara sauce.  What happened next is almost food illegal so I’ll omit those actions.  They were so SOFT. I think they may have used cake flour or some low gluten flour because it was so tender.  Maybe they shape tiny loaves and let them rise forever.  And the marinara sauce it came with, ah!

My girlfriend had the clam pasta.  It was well balanced between the seafood, lemon, spices, and sauce.  The portion was way too big for either of us.  Keep in mind that when you come here, you’ll fill up on bread.

I had the special of the night, a lobster ravioli.  The sauce was rich in flavor, but not too heavy.  The ravioli were big and packed a lot of flavor.  The sauce made for great bread sopping.

All in all, this joint is affordable, tasty, and fun.   Take the family or just take your other half.  Either way, go hungry!

*next up…smoked turkey…*


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