Visit to Volterra…

Volterra is an Italian restaurant in Seattle.  It’s been voted best italian restaurant since 2006.  It’s a small, cozy place in Ballard on Ballard Ave.  Discover it and you will find culinary peace.  With their bread they provide olive oil and you mix in their fennel salt blend.  It’s a twist to the usual oil and vinegar dipping.  It was so memorable that I made my own fennel salt blend and gave it away for Christmas.

They have a decent sized menu, but it won’t take much for you to find what your stomach desires.  For me it was easy.  I like duck.  No, I love duck.  They have a crispy duck confit served with some homemade duck sausage over a bean ragu.  Yeah, exactly.

The duck demi glace it came with was so rich and tasty.  I wanted to drink it down by the gallonful.  The sausage, to die for. It wasn’t overwhemingly fatty.  It had some kind of mushroom and maybe some fruit it in.  It was sweet, smoky, savory, and basically was the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.

It’s been voted the best for a damn good reason.  It’s unbelievably good.  Ballard is full of restaurants that go over and beyond the normal expectations.  This is yet another.

*next up…Going to Germany?…*


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