Going to Germany?…

Over the winter break, I went to Germany…kind of.  In Leavenworth, about 1.5 hours outside of Seattle, there is a Bavarian town nestles in a valley of the Cascades.  Everything about the town keeps this theme.  Even the 76 gas station was decorated differently.  The main strip on the main road is surrounded by cottages and restaurants.  When we went, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, further accentuating the Bavarian style.

It may be a tourist trap, but it was worth the drive.  At the time, there was no snow in Seattle.  Since my parents were visiting, I wanted to take them to a wintery place.

And because this is a food blog, here ya go.  We stopped by Munchen Haus for some brats and beer for lunch.  They had like 20 types of mustards to top their brats with.  I went with half spicy garlic and half beer mustard.  The clean, crisp German beer was a perfect pair.  The pretzels there were amazing too.  They were better than the bakery’s a few shops down.

What to do after delicious beer and sausage? We walked around and explored every store they had.  Then we decided to go a little country.

Sleigh ride!  Can you get more touristy than that?

Maybe, but who cares? It was a nice activity but we left rather hungry.  We had to fix that.

We went to Andreas Kellers Restaurant on the main street.  We had great food, beer, and good times.  I had a sausage platter, beef goulash, and another pretzel (it was also very good there).  Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to those pictures.  Rats!

*next up…Row House Cafe…*


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