Row House Cafe…

When my parents were here, I took them to Row House Cafe for breakfast.  This place is supposedly good at what they do.  Luckily, I scored a Groupon to try it out at half off.  Their menu isn’t vast, with only a few selections for each meal of the day.  However, the details of those choices set it apart from typical breakfast joints.

First off, their Chai Latte was freakin good.  It’s hard to imagine a Chai that sucks, but it happens.  Row House is characterized by comfort foods like their mac n cheese and ragu for dinner or rustic sandwiches for lunch.

I had a breakfast sandwich.  You can customize your bread, cheese, meats, and fillers.  I chose a buttery croissant with fontina cheese.  I filled it with capicola, egg, and tomato.  As simple as it is, the flavor comes from the details.  The capicola was smoky and paired well with the creamy fontina.  As for the tomato, well that just goes with egg for some reason.  Seriously, eat a breakfast sandwich with and without a tomato.  You’ll see the light.

We all shared a baked brie which was also very good.  You have a choice of toppings for it and we went with the maple syrup and walnuts.  It came with some bagel crisps, but who needs those when you have 10 fingers!

Our visit to Row House culminated in a simple, yet delectable breakfast.  It won’t be the last time I visit them for some early morning grub.

*next up…visit to Restaurant Zoe…*


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