Restaurant Zoe…

As we were touring Seattle’s restaurants the week my parents were here, we stopped by Restaurant Zoe for my birthday.  It pleases me to say that it made for a great birthday dinner.

In the heart of downtown exists a locally inspired foodie haven.  Zoe’s menu isn’t vast, but they cover all their bases with scrumptious selections from fish to pork to salads to beef and everything in between.  I’ve been wanting to come here for some time and for good reason.  On Yelp, their track record is amazing.  They have nothing but great reviews.

This is the hole hog.  I decided on my selection before going to the restaurant as I scoured the menu online. Every week, the chef receives a whole hog from a local farm.  He then cooks the whole hog together letting all the meat flavors combine.  Then he separates the parts and portions pieces from each part into this loaf or croquette.  It was served on kale, beans, and delicious pork jus.  Needless to say, it didn’t last long on my plate.

My father had the duck breast.  Usually, when I see duck on a menu my mind is made.  But the pork inspired a change in me that night. The duck was served over sunchokes (apparently all the craze now; this is the third place I’ve seen them lately) and kumquats.

My mother had the sturgeon.  Being from Hawaii, we didn’t have many (or any) opportunities to eat sturgeon.  I only had heard of it because of caviar production.  After a long wait, it paid off.  It is an excellent fish.  Washington sturgeon is apparently quite the trophy fish in terms of quality eating.

For dessert, I finished with a pear panna cotta with pear cranberry sorbet.  Everything was locally made and fresh.  I love restaurants that try to keep everything local.  Not only does it obviously taste better, but it’s good for the local farmers, dairies, creameries, etc.  The sorbet was very vibrant and fruity while the panna cotta was creamy and mild.  It went very well with my pear brandy.  It was my first time having pear brandy and I have to say it is quite potent.

It is worth the visit to venture down to this great place.  The service was friendly and the food was fantastic.  Enough said.

*next up…Chez Shea, you don’t say…*


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