Spring Break Absence…

I haven’t posted in a while and I’d just like to update as to why.  For spring break, my parents flew in to visit so I spent a lot of time taking them around.  I was also busy building a chicken coop for my chicks which I got last month.  I’ll post pictures of the progress and hopefully a finished picture soon (it’s ALMOST done)

This was them brand new at 2 days old.  From left to right: bernice, buttercup, chanticler, and matilda.

This is them today, one month after getting them.  Matilda’s got her brown feathers growing in while Buttercup still looks dainty.

Bernice is checking to see if I’m done with the coop yet.  Aside from the chirping and stink crap everywhere, they’re an absolute blast.  Pics of the coop coming soon!



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