Whidbey Island Rendezvous…

Whidbey Island is a quiet little community, or so I thought.  I traveled up there when my parents were in town and we hit some wineries, saw some sights, and stopped at what the women in our group called “cute cottages to buy stuff”.  These are the chronicles of those travels.

Well, you have to start the day with a good breakfast!  We went to the Braeburn restaurant in Langley.  Known for hearty breakfasts sure to please, it had to be first on our list.  Everything is made with fresh local ingredients, something I’m a strong advocate of so that sits well with me.  What sat even better with me was their Corned Beef Mash, something so well-known for them it was featured on Food Network for one of the top breakfasts as well as Guy Fieri’s show.  Mash potatoes, mixed with fresh corned beef (not from a can), herbs, and Irish Dubliner cheese.  Um…duh! That’s awesome.  The marbled rye made it even better, especially with their homemade jam to go with it.

After some traveling to parks, wine stores, a couple wineries, and some odds and ends, we came upon GreenBank Farms.  There is a cheese store on the premises, which we raided of course.  There’s also some animals here and there, a wine tasting room, and a little restaurant famous for their pies.  I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never had a real meat pot pie (Marie Calendar’s doesn’t count!).  So I had to have it, just had to!

The savory pie we had been filled with grass-fed beef, potatoes, and gravy.  I’m a convert, I officially love savory pot pies.  Why are these not as popular? I can see how some people can only associate “pie” with dessert, but puff pastry is often served savory and people love it.

Whatever the reason, they’re missing out.  We also had some of their dessert pies.  We each had a slice of Boysenberry, Marionberry, Rhubarb, Huckleberry, and Loganberry.  I chose the Huckleberry because I love its flavor.  I honestly don’t think there was any added sugar in these pies.  It tasted like fruits and some lemon juice and that was it.  The berry flavors really came out.  Best pies from an establishment ever.  Congrats, Whidbey Pies Cafe! I say that because homemade is ALWAYS better, sorry pie café.

A few more wineries and we ended up at Deception Pass State Park.  If we skipped our other stops, we would still have driven up for this.  It is a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL park.  I’d like to spend a couple of days just hiking and camping out here.  It’s absolutely stunning.

*next up…Crispy Kale and Quinoa…*


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