Happy 4th of July…

The 4th of July is always a great food holiday.  Some holidays are just known for their foods: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter for some, and certainly this.  For me it means the first real grilling binge of the year.  It’s finally sunny and warm here in Seattle and it’s time to open up the grill.

I didn’t plan on making too much because I lack the time due to school and the finances for big meals due to…well…school.  I did muster up some dough for brats, kebabs, corn, and even picked my own salad.

The kebabs were made with country style pork ribs.  I like this cut because it’s cheap, boneless, and flavorful.  They’re not technically ribs because they’re not from the ribs. They’re cut from the blade end of the loin closer to the shoulder.  That’s why the meat often looks like the shoulder cut, only in strips.  I used some lemon pepper, olive oil, and thyme to coat it as well as some bell peppers.

What’s the deal with bell peppers? It’s summer and they’re still not cheap! I’d love to grow my own, but can’t in this climate.

I valiantly tried to finish one bockwurst, one louisiana spiced sausage, one kebab, and my corn.  I failed.  I had the spicy louie the next day for lunch though.

And the salad was a treat.  I had some freshly picked swiss chard instead of lettuce.  I also had my snow peas harvested that morning.  I just went outside to check on the garden and pick the bean plants up.  They keep falling down and aren’t climbing up my ropes, so I fixed them up again.  That’s when I saw about 10 large peas hiding under some leaves.  Some were even on the ground.  What a treat!  I ate one before going into the house and what a difference fresh veggies make.  They snap so crisply and they’re sweet.  Home gardening is certainly worth it.  I tossed in some carrots as well and had a delightful greens mix.



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