Chicken Update…

I finally finished it! I’ve been out of Seattle for the past two weeks, but I came back this past weekend to finish the coop and run. I also had an issue with the watering system leaking everywhere so that need to be fixed as well. I changed up my setup for the water and thought I’d share with my readers.

That’s a far shot of the coop and run. On the left is the wired run for them to explore and eat grass. The orange fencing is the cheap plastic type. That’s movable so I can get in there without climbing over a fence.

Close-up showing the two doors. The large one lets them into the run. The small one on the left is to get into the coop part so I can get my eggs or clean their area.

Inside view of coop: nesting boxes and roosting poles. The floor is slatted so poop falls through onto collection boards underneath. Gotta have neat chickens!

The feeding tube which refills from the top and is gravity fed. It’ll hold about a week’s worth of food in there easily.

View of the ramp up to the coop and my watering setup. It’s a office-cooler jug with poultry nipples underneath. The birds peck at it to get water out. It’s much cleaner and neater than having a tray of water.

There they are, feasting on bugs or something like that. One is hiding under the coop. I was very satisfied to finish the run this weekend because it lets them out to play and forage and decreases my food costs since they’ll eat grass and such. Plus it’s fun just to watch them be silly chickens!

*next up…Vichyssoise…*


2 Responses

  1. maybe u should make use of that lawnmower and cut that grass

  2. I’ll have you know I did that right after taking the picture. We moved it with it overgrown like that. It’s a bummer because the mower they left was a push mower. Makes me miss our old self-propelled.

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