A Sad Weekend…

It pains me to say that just days after posting about the chicken coop and run being finished, my lovely ladies that I cherished so much were killed. Our neighbor’s dog broke through the wooden fence and killed them. Apparently, before we moved in, they tried to replace the fence with the owners, but the owners said it wasn’t necessary. That apathy has led to something terrible.

I was extremely angered and saddened by this news as it happened as I was out of town on my internship. What makes matters even worse is that they didn’t die from sickness or old age.  They were killed for sport by that dog. They weren’t eaten or played with, just dead. I had thoughts of vengeance rushing through my head as I sped home to see them.

But in the end, I swallowed my anger, realized that it was an accident technically, and tried to move on. The owner said they’d pay for new chickens, as if that would make it better. When my landlord heard about it, she said “we have to get that fence fixed before something like that happens to your dogs too”. Pardon the language, but screw her. Those chickens were my pets. My girlfriend and sister each have a dog and I had those four feathered girls. Losing them was losing four pets at once for me.

So unfortunately, there won’t be any exciting chicken related posts for a while, if at all. It’s now been five days since it happened, and all I can think about at work is their faces and the happy memories they brought me.  I had more fun with them and building things for them than any of the four dogs I’ve lived with over the years. They will surely be missed.

I put together some pictures of their short time with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many as they were older and in the coop. I took it for granted thinking “they’ll be there later”‘.

I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to protect them. I was off doing my internship, which isn’t nearly as important to me as they were. Never again will I take things like this for granted.  If any of you readers have pets, especially funky ones that bring you joy like me, cherish them dearly.

I have more on my phone and some aren’t working with uploads.

Bernice, Matilda, Buttercup, and Chanticler, thanks for all the good times.








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