Roasted Peppers…

When you’re making pizza, topping it off with some roasted peppers kicks it up a notch. Making pasta sauce and need to add a sweet/spicy flavor? blend in some peppers. It’s something that costs quite a bit in the stores prepared yet so easy to make at home. This year, bell peppers are crazily expensive, which is related to the weather. However, it’s still cheaper and much fresher to do it yourself at home.

I got some red and yellow peppers. I’m not fond of the green bell peppers. They’re a bit too bitter for me. I also got some sweet cherry peppers for a pasta sauce I made later.

And while I’m at the produce stand, why not get some tomatoes to make the pasta sauce?

Roasting vegetables goes a long way towards bringing out that caramelized flavor brought out by the Maillard Reaction. That foil pouch is some roasted garlic, yet another refrigerator staple made quickly and lasts a long time.

Once roasted, just toss them in some olive oil and put in a jar into the fridge. Oil acts as a preservative, plus peppers are highly acidic, another reason they last forever (just like that salsa you had in the fridge for 3 months). You can peel the skin off the peppers for aesthetic appeal. I like that charred look and flavor so I left it on.

And I’m quite proud of my simple spice rack I recently put up.

Roasted Peppers

4 peppers (any color you like)
olive oil
sea salt/black pepper

Preheat oven to  400 F. Cut peppers in half and toss out the seeds. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Make sure to coat all the surfaces a bit, because a pepper that’s not oiled will burn fast. Roast for 45 minutes, rotating it half way through. If you don’t like the charred look, reduce to 375 F and aim for 35 total minutes, but check on them often.

*next up… Die Bierstube…*


2 Responses

  1. what a rack! great posting, I love the roasted red bell peppers!

    • Todd, nice to you hear from you. Did you see the Bacon posting? I know you’ll like it. Also, I’m thinking of making something with that Torani bacon syrup you sent. Stay tuned

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