My Keezer…

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, my very own kegerator. This is called a Keezer since it’s a kegerator made from a chest freezer. I’ve had kegs in there for about 4 months and I had my CO2 tank in there as well, which is not ideal since cold CO2 tanks get funky with pressure readings plus that’s taking up space where a keg could go…duh. So that needed to be fixed.

That’s the lid mounted to my wooden collar. The point of the collar is to provide space to mount things like the regulators that you see there (made em myself, thank you very much) and taps, which will be on the front.

This little segment will transfer gas to the customized port which goes through the wood.

It’s a quick disconnect combo used for air tools. This allows me to remove the tank without messing up the closed system providing carbonation to my beer.

I had to remove the hinges from the freezer and that was a chore. Trying not to get my fingers snapped off with the hundreds of pounds of spring tension kept my day interesting. I have my externally controlled thermostat probe running through that hole there.

Mounted my thermometer, plugged up all the hole with more weatherstripping, and mounted (ok…duct taped) my probe to the wall. It’s in water because it reads more consistently.  Plus beer is liquid so it’s obvious to keep the probe in liquid.

An extra gas line coming off my primary regulator and tank outside for purging my kegs after filling them with delicious homebrew. After purging, they go inside the keezer and age for about a month, then they’re carbonated.

The front is bare now, but will feature 4 (or 5) taps going through the wall so I won’t have to use the plastic taps inside. I’m waiting till I find cheap used ones (donations are always accepted here!). Until then, I’ll enjoy a nice Hefeweizen.




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