Thanksgiving Summary

It was a long day, but well worth it by the time dinner came rolling around.  Aside from the rolls, we had a bunch of other tasty treats.

From left to right: sweet potato rolls, brussel sprouts and bacon, garlic spinach, stuffing, gravy, smoked turkey. My sister made the sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce (not pictured) so I didn’t have to make everything.

Washed it down with my pumpkin ale, which turned out great surprisingly.  I was shooting in the dark on this brew.


It was all very delicious.

Plus it made for a turkey and stuffing burrito the next day for breakfast!




3 Responses

  1. I miss your cooking Kyle. Let’s open a PT/gourmet/beer business in 2013!

  2. lately i’ve had a burning passion to run a food truck. weird huh?

  3. Everything looks & sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try your sweet potato casserole & banana pudding, thanks for the recipes.

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