Miso Glazed Salmon with Yuzu Butter Sauce

Salmon is a unique fish.  It’s not meaty like tuna and not bland like cod, but it has it’s own thing going on.  It’s hearty enough to be an entree, yet mild enough to take on different flavors. And living here in Seattle allows for access to the best salmon most of the year (unless you live on a river in Alaska, then you’re golden).



Our salmon will be glazed with hacho miso and topped on quick pickled onions and a yuzu butter sauce. Hacho (or Hatcho) miso is the deepest flavored, darkest miso you can get. Typically it’s aged for five years before being sold. It’s a deep chocolate brown color and a little goes a LONG way. 



The glaze has enough flavor to be it’s own dish honestly. But I can’t resist pairing the savory miso glaze with a sweet and tart yuzu butter sauce.



This is a really easy sauce to do and it goes great with any kind of fish.  You can also modify the flavorings and you have a quick cream pasta sauce.

Yuzu is a Chinese citrus which is a cross of a sour mandarin and something called Ichang Papeda. It tastes like a mandarin and grapefruit hybrid.  Unless you have access to a great Asian market, you won’t be using fresh yuzu. They do, however, make yuzu juice preserved in bottles, found in the same aisle you’d find soy and other sauces.  It should be close to the ponzu sauce, which is soy sauce mixed with yuzu concentrate. 

You can use lemon too, it’s a fine substitute. 



The last touches are cream and butter to thicken it up.  Relax, you won’t be chugging this stuff by the glass.


Pair it with a dry riesling or a gewurztraminer and you’re good to go.

Miso Glazed Salmon

4 6oz salmon filets
1/4 c hacho miso (can put less if you don’t want a strong flavor)
1 T sake
2 T mirin
1/2 t sesame oil

Mix miso, sake, mirin, and oil together in a small saucepan. Add sugar to taste for sweetness.  It should me savory, but just a touch sweet. 

Simmer on low for 3 minutes to dissolve all sugars and reduce the alcohol. Remove from heat and let cool. 

Season salmon with salt/pepper.  Sear on medium high in a skillet or frying pan about 30 seconds per side. 

Place on oiled sheet pan, top with miso glaze, and Bake at 400 F until cooked mostly through, about 8-10 minutes. Internal temperature should be 125F for medium rare.  The inside will cook for a another minute or so after removing from the oven. You don’t want to dry out salmon!

Pickled onions:

1 onion, shaved very thin
1/2 c rice vinegar
3/8 c sugar
pinch of salt

Boil vinegar sugar and salt to dissolve solids. Add onions, toss, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.


When salmon is ready, top onto onions and either cover with yuzu sauce or place on the side for dipping.

Yuzu Butter Sauce

1/2 c white wine
1 T rice vinegar
1 T shallot, chopped fine
2 t ginger, chopped
2 t green onion, chopped
1/2 c heavy cream
1 T yuzu juice (or lemon)
1/2 c butter, cubed 

Reduce first five ingredients by half over medium heat. 

Add heavy cream and yuzu. 
*don’t mix these two together beforehand or the citrus will curdle the cream*

Whisk continuously as the cream will thicken. Slowly add butter a little bit at a time, whisking to incorporate and thicken. Season for salt/pepper and keep warm. You can blend and strain this if you want a perfectly smooth sauce.



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