Razor Clam Chowder

Razor clamming is a Northwest tradition. And while I’m not a native of the PNW, I do love clamming. There’s something rewarding about going out to the beach when it’s cold, windy, and possibly rainy then digging in the sand to unearth one of the best tasting shellfish around.


Find a clam showing itself, dig it up then bam, it’s that simple. Razors have a buttery, creamy and yet meaty flavor making them perfect for chowder, pasta, or fritters. These are the three main way I eat them.


We went at night, so pictures weren’t available. However, in the spring, the clamming tides are in the morning and things look a little like this.


Clean them up and then you have a good mixture of bodies, necks, and the foot. The foot is the creamy part great for fritters.

These went into my usual clam chowder. to substitute for a dozen regular Manila clams, I use about 4 cups of fresh diced clam meat. I like a lot of clams here.



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