Visit to Die Bierstube…

In the Ravenna area on Roosevelt, there’s a German pub worthy of visiting. It’s been around since 2004, but I only recently learned of it. I had heard they only serve German beers, in their own brewery steins, and have good German food.  I just had to check it out.

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Whidbey Island Rendezvous…

Whidbey Island is a quiet little community, or so I thought.  I traveled up there when my parents were in town and we hit some wineries, saw some sights, and stopped at what the women in our group called “cute cottages to buy stuff”.  These are the chronicles of those travels.

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Stumbling Goat Bistro…

On Greenwood Ave in Seattle lies a quaint, small restaurant.  Well, actually, there lie many.  I like venturing to the Green Lake area because of all the great restaurants in that area.  And if you exhaust your options there, just drive a few minutes in either direction to Wallingford, Ballard, or Fremont.  I’m going to rename that chunk of land “restaurantopia” and I think it’s quite fitting.

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Sushi Kappo Tamura…

Seattle is a great source of fresh seafood.  Being from Hawaii, my seafood standards are already high, but Seattle doesn’t disappoint.  When we moved here, we wanted to be sure we could find good sushi joints.  Sure, any place will put fish on rice for you, but will it be worth the money and time getting there?  We had a Groupon for this place and I thought it wise to check it out.  Apparently, the head chef Taichi Kitamura had another sushi operation which was very popular, but closed it down to open this one.  It’s a small place, but the sushi looked very good.

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Emmer & Rye, Locavore Delight…

What is a Locavore? A relatively new term, it’s come to mean those that take part in supporting local agricultural practices by buying and eating local.  It’s something I’ve been committed to ever since reading much of my favorite food related books (see book list tab above).  I try to buy only local, if possible organic, and even further to go with grass fed (for meat).  Emmer & Rye is a little restaurant here in Seattle that follows this Locavore movement.  The decor is homey, literally. I believe it was a home before it became a restaurant, and a quaint little one at that.  With farm tools and old family photos adorning the walls, Emmer & Rye makes you feel like you just picked fresh vegetables out in the garden and came in for supper.

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