Food Requests

This is the page to post food ideas you want to see on the blog. If you want me do make something, post away and I’ll fulfill your request.


12 Responses

  1. Want to make a good Honey Wheat Bread. Something like the one they make at Great Harvest

    • finally remembered to post it.

  2. I’m not familiar with their bread specifically, but I will share a couple of bread recipes I have which are honey wheat. One of them is my regular sandwich bread I make often.

  3. Pizza homie, did you forget?
    Get to it hungry boy

    • I will be doing that this weekend as a matter of fact. I’m going to do a slow-fermentation dough with a twist on traditional toppings.

  4. Hey Kyle do you have any good recipes for tomato cream sauce for pasta?

    • yes sir. here’s a post from awhile back. The sauce is very creamy but you can still taste the tomato sauce. It’s very good with sausage.

  5. I wanted to make a beef roulade stuffed with mushrooms possibly enoki, veg possibly choi sum, and hmmmm negi? Or leeks maybe. A beef roulade stuffed with azn vegetables with a nice sauce. Soo my request is think of a sauce that’d go well with that.

    • just posted it with a miso sauce. check it out

  6. I just remembered..can u make beet gnocchi? Why beets? Because they are red. I’ve never made gnocchi in the industry, but I’d like to make it at home. If no can on the beets then just regular gnocchi. Thanks!!

  7. Some good vegetarian Quesadilla options . . . enlighten me

  8. vegetarian is a stretch for me, but I’ll give it a shot

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