Visit to Cafe Miro…

If you’ve ever driven down Waialae Avenue, you know about Cafe Miro.  Its the quaint little restaurant between 8th and 9th Ave.  It is one of my favorite joints to dine at.

The purpose of this dinner was to celebrate my graduation.  Hooray! What better celebration than one that involves gastronomical indulgence.  Miro features a very well balanced prix fixe menu.

The chef also prepares a free appetizer if you call it that.  It’s usually a small bowl of soup in my experience.

I went with the 3 course setup and started with the Prosciutto and Mozzarella salad with honey drizzle.

The salty prosciutto , sweet honey, and crunchy walnuts made an explosion for my taste buds. I like when a restaurant doesn’t overdo a dish.  The ingredients taste great without masking their flavors with a heavy dressing or too many additions.

We also ordered the beef tataki with Maui onion and garlic soy sauce to share.

Thinly sliced beef with sweet Maui onion and salty garlic soy sauce made a great pairing.  A very simple dish with a big pack of flavor.

I then went with the roasted duck breast with a balsamic vinegar reduction.  I love duck.  No let me say that again…I LOVE duck.  So when I see it as an option on the menu, I giggle with joy.  Even though Chef Kobayashi has many other delectable treats, I needed to go with my gut.  And my gut was screaming for the duck.

Bare with me here and prepare a towel under your face.  A tender medium breast of duck seared to perfection…covered with a sweet and tangy balsamic reduction…with a buttery cube of potato gratin.  Ok, did you catch all the drool? I hope so.  This was my second time having the duck here at Miro, but it tasted as if it was my first.

My girlfriend had the whole island Moi pan seared with an almond butter sauce.

Yum…yeah…enough said.

Well what could ever please my palate in a way that won’t insult the duck? How about a selection of desserts?  How about a cheesy message on the plate made of chocolate?

Creme brulee, sorbet, fresh fruit, and a strawberry mousse made an effort.  It worked.

Overall it was a great dinner.  If I was a critic I’d give it a 4.8 out of 5.  Aw heck, nothings ever a 5 to those guys right?  So the next time you wander down to Kaimuki, stop in and enjoy the next hour or two of your life.

*next up…garlic bread knots…*


3 Responses

  1. I went there with my chef instructor/mentor and a friend, and we got the hook ups. I got the app sampler.. My favorite in there was the oyster..I forget if it was Rockefeller style, but it seriously melted in the mouth. The multi-layer terrine was pretty amazing too. The amuse bouche we got was salmon with cream cheese stuffed into a crepe. It was very delicate but in all honesty it wad missing something. We got some pate of foie gras. For the main I went with the rib eye..cuz I LOVE it..sooooo delicious. Ultra marbled meat needs NO sauce!!!!!!! The small portions are nice..compared to michels, but the plating of that entree was Mehh. My teacher and friend went for the rack of lamb..also an amazing choice. I just wanted to tell you about my experience there. Since I enjoyed reading what you wrote :).

  2. Some people who are use to diner portion want more rice for their loco moco which is strange to order a diner fast food dish in bistro. I wonder if they have coqu vin there.

    • I haven’t seen that menu item there, but it could be a special one day. Heck, you could also call and ask if the chef will ever do it. You may inspire him to do it. Since the menu is French, I’m sure he has a favorite Coq au Vin recipe somewhere.

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